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October 30, 2012
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The old temple of ancient god Set was in almost complete ruin. Once the god resided here with his maidens and priestesses but now only the desert wind was playing with the walls and making the strange, cry-like sounds. On the ruined and cracked floor, on one of the broken columns was seating young red-haired man in white robes and black leather trousers with a lot of chains. He had this malicious smile on face that was the sign he had something...well, malicious on his mind. On the ground was kneeling young woman; she was crying.

"Say my name" the man said it with amusement in his voice.

The woman stopped crying for a second and looked with fear in her eyes on the red-haired man. The man didn't expect her to co-operate that soon; he leaned in his seat and crossed his arms.

"So you are the sacrificial lamb" he laughed. "I will never understand these peasants. I won't stop killing them, even if they bring me all their beautiful women they have. Village after village, town after town...I exist only to kill. And they give me sacrifice as if I was a kind of...god!"

The woman's eyes widened.

"So you are not..."

"A god? Hahaha, of course not! My creator and father was" he looked at cracked statue of Set standing in the corner. "He was naughty lad but had dual personality. He, smelling the fall and death, created me and Ramina, giving us his essence. Ramina was the emanation of good side of Set and me...I am the chaos that he held in his soul with a mix of cruelty" he smiled, amused. "You can consider me as sort of desert demon. And I am here only to torture, kill and make a mess. Haha, don't look at me like that, girl, I won't disappear if you will be piercing me with your eyes so furiously."


"You don't want to die, of course, my sacrificial lamb" the man stood up and sit on the floor next to the woman. "But I won't despise such a wonderful gift before I will take care of them. You see, if I won't cause pain, I would stop being myself and maybe...maybe I would even vanish in red smoke? Who knows? I don't know myself so well so be sure what would happened with me if I stopped to act like that" he smiled. "I will make your death painful but you will keep me living. Your suffering will prolong my life. Think about that when the pain will come. And now..."

He moved closer, the girl smelled the smell of cinnamon in his breath.

"Say my name..."
This is a glimpse into the life of my desert demon Setenkh. He is chaos from god Set's soul that remained after god's death.

He is bad boy ^^
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Silverwolf51 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very interesting. If she says his name will he kill her?
catlover6678 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
Sylphermizt Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The-Caligula Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
Setenkh loves when women are submissive :lol:
Nimsel Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yes! But he loves submissive men too ;p
Hayashi-Tatsurou Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I already love Setenkh, he seems to be lad I wish to be like ^^
Nimsel Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, I wish to be like him as well!
StarkArya Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Setenkh seems to have fun! :D
Nimsel Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is common with him :lol:
TylerPinkston Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Student Writer
Great imagery! Keep up the good work! for real!
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